For a fraction of the price of moving house, we can give you the space you need.

Our comprehensive service stretches from survey, planning and design to final decoration if required.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional service, with our fully trained, experienced and courteous tradesmen.

At Brian Knowlton Builders we have developed a system for replacing the ‘W’ shaped truss rafters used in modern houses with timber or steel beams, which run the length of the loft, releasing the space.

The system was designed by our structural engineer, and fully complies with building regulations.

Top left thru bottom right (clockwise) :

Interior loft of modern house, showing truss rafters

In this picture, the supports have been added, and the truss removed.

The finished product, viewed from the new landing.

Viewed back across the landing into a new bathroom.

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“The purchase of a new house is probably the biggest purchase any one will ever make, and to have a house built from scratch is an even bigger decision because you cannot see exactly what you are getting until it is finished.¬† To say that we were incredibly happy we chose¬†Brian Knowlton Builders is an understatement. We were delighted and simply could not have made a better choice. Our house has not just met our expectations it has in every way exceeded them. We would be delighted to speak to anyone who is considering using a builder and needs a recommendation. Their work is here for all to see.”
A Happy Customer, The New Forest